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Joanne Brown
BA. BSc. LCHE. RSHom. Homeopath
Joanne Brown - Homeopath“I have been interested in homeopathy for more than 20 years. I firmly believe in the power of the body to heal itself and have found homeopathy invaluable. I have an Honours Degree in Homeopathy (Middlesex University) and my Licentiate from the Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regents College in London. I am fully registered with the Society of Homeopaths, following a strict Code of Ethics and adhering to a programme of Continuous Professional Development. I have recently had a case published by Hpathy Journal.  My clinical training was carried out in Glasgow with the highly regarded Dr Gabriel Blass and in Ainsworth’s Clinic adjacent to Harley Street in London. Previously my background was in business but I am also a fully qualified fitness instructor and coach with qualifications in nutrition. I firmly believe in good health from a holistic perspective!

Homeopathy is safe and gentle. It can effectively support all; pregnant women, babies, breast feeding mums and the elderly. I have a particular interest in working with children with ADHD or on the Autistic Spectrum. Children and their families report leaps in development, including speech, reduced anxiety, reduced hyperactivity, improved digestion and improved sleep amongst other things.

Homeopathy is based on the philosophy that mind, body and emotions are not separate and prolonged emotional stress can result in physical problems and a weaker immune system.

My patients, both adults and children have included those dealing with psychological issues such as anger, stress, panic attacks, issues around sexuality or abuse and depression. Homeopathy can also be hugely beneficial with physical complaints. Chronic conditions like eczema, thrush, sinusitis, migraine, hay fever, unexplained fertility, symptoms of the menopause and support for sufferers of post nasal drip.

Acute conditions which are self-limiting can also be supported by homeopathy such as ear infections, infant colic and molluscum amongst many others.